super thin LED screen,rental

super thin LED screen,rental

rental LED screen

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Oriented the conception of light-weight, less-occupation, clear-viewing, the thickness of each cabinet is tailored down to 6.5cm, FLAKE™ series is super thin and light-weight LED video display specially designed for rental or mobile use, as both backdrop applications and advertising billboard - rental LED screen. As super thin LED screen, adopting the supper thin, light power supply and electric fan, and FLAKE™ products never occupy unnecessary room needed by other devices; and also never puts unnecessary weight to the mounting structures.
The super-bright SMD 3-IN-1 LED pixel configuration brings true possibilities of ensuring the image and video sharp, exquisite and brilliant enough for stage events, presentation, TV studio, etc.The indoor rental display uses high-quality LED, which has high efficiency luminescence, decreased attenuation of brightness, high stability and reliability. Super uniformity in color. Low-budget, high pixel density, more vivid and stable pictures(No Flickering). The ultra-slim and ultra-lightweight structure, increased design opportunities and lower transportation costs. SMD technology takes super wide viewing angle for the LED display; better color performance, higher contrast ratio and higher refresh rate. The rental indoor display features low weight, special rigging system for simplified service, hassle-free mounting, easy configuration and maintenance, and several other enhancements that are unmatched in the industry.
Including: PH3.75, PH4, PH5, PH6, PH7.62, PH8, PH10.
Outdoor LED rental display:
High-temperature spray technology: can greatly increase the capability of rust-proof. Use high efficiency switching power supply, reduce failure rate of power supply. Silica gel is filled and embedded on the front face of the display module, and the all-door structural design protects the LED display from water, dust, and corrosion. Special paint is applied to the screen circuit, thus protecting the screen from water, dust, and corrosion. IP65 rating, waterproof and dustproof. Module planeness: ≤ ±0.2mm. Flexible to work under complex and climate condition, can work normally in all harsh environment, such as strong wind, sandstorm, high temperature, low temperature, dryness, rainstorm, and so on. Long lifetime and low operating cost. The rental screen is extremely high product quality with brand new structure, and has easy installation and maintenance.
Including: PH10, PH12, PH16, PH20, PH25, etc.
Ideal for:
Music concerts; Trade shows; Fashion shows; Product launches; Theme parks; Media Facades; Advertising.

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