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"Lida supply chain management CO.,Ltd is one of AAA grade companies in China Customs, Now providing bonded warehouses service and distribution service for Lenovo and GP batteries. With many years experiences and the professional storage management, We have the ability to distribute our clients goods properly and safely.

The facilities of the bonded warehouses:
1) AAA company: All of the shipment that from our warehouse would have right go through green channel. It would have our client to save more time and the cost.
2) Warehouse area and capacity: The freezing warehouse covers an area of 4000 square meters and its capacity is 8000 tons. The room temperature warehouse covers an area of 28000 square meters and its capacity is 50000 tons.
3) Cargo transportation: 30 forklifts and 40 supervised cars.
4) Professional staff: 50 professional customs declarants, 300 workers and professional warehouse-keepers.
5) Movable platform: 12 sets of American automatic-adjusting-height ai

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