WS03-12 - CAP. 1,200KGS Duplex Mast Fork over Stacker

WS03-12 - CAP. 1,200KGS Duplex Mast Fork over Stacker

electric stacker

Product ID: WS03-12

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WS03-12 is a comfortable and high secure fork-over electric stacker, capacity 1,200KGS, maximum lifting height 4m, equipped with Liftstar-Made EPS and AC drive system.WS03-12 is standard equipped with 210Ah lead-acid battery, 3 different lowering speed, slow-medium-fast suitable for different situations. Chassis design life up to 10 years.

1. 200A Curtis transistor controller
2. High performance AC driving Motor
3. Liftstar EPS controller
4. EPS system as standard, low energy consumption, low noise
5. Electromagnetic brake
6. Floating system with double spring and reinforcing traction cylinder
7. Automatic-Speed limited control when lifting
8. Cold-drawn steel mast profile
9. Equipped lifting limitation switch
10. Automatic slow down technology for corner sharp turn

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