pulse rj45 connector

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used in networking and communication equipments such as HUB,PC card,Switch ,Router,PC Mainboard,SDH,PDH,IP Phone,xDSL modem.

RJ45 connector/rj45 connector with filter/rj45 connector with magnetics
Suitable for Cat5 and 6 fast Ethernet cable or better UTP
Internal magnets are 100% electrically tested for hi-pot and functionality
Minimum 1500Vrms isolation per IEEE802.3 requirement
Tab-down with 10/100/1000M Filter
Options: 1 x 2 ports, 1 x 4 ports, 1 X 6 ports and 1 x 8 ports
Available with and without LEDs
Available different Turn Ratios
RoHS compliant(PB free)

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