LED Operating theatre Light/Hospital Floor Use

Product ID: LED500y

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Whatever the light dome drives up or down, the light spot can be adjusted from 120-350mm.

Environmental protection, low power consumption and long life LED lamp with long service life of more than 50,000 hours

An imported LED cold light source is adopted as operation lighting. As a genuine cold light source, there is almost no temperature rise at the doctor’s head or the wound.

Digital means are adopted for stepless regulation of LED brightness. The operator may adjust the brightness based on his/her own brightness adaptability .

The removable handle sheath can be disinfected at the high temperature of 135 °C.

LED has high luminous efficiency and it is impact-resistant and strong to resist crumbling, without mercury contamination. The light it sends contains no infra-red or ultraviolet radiation pollution.

The real "cold" light source: Using LED as the light source. No worry about the heat of operation area and head.
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