Multifunction Obstrtric Examination Bed

Product ID: LDF-100/200/300

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Obstetric bed /Obstetric Operating table/Delivery bed/gynecological operating table


LDF-100/200/300 Multifunctional Obstetric Examination bed it’s novel and innovative gynecological products, it has simple structure, convenient operation, styling and unique features. Control system finished by an electric push rod, Back, seat height adjustment are total Modification 35 °, Footrest can rotate at any angle,head by mechanical manual adjustment; The bed surface, the headrest made of polyurethane foaming cushion and can be easily unloaded cleaning, disinfection;under backplane has paper drawer for medical people operating backup use.

Single column supporting frame for medical personnel operation bring enough space,both sides can according to customer requirements add colposcopy frame, under the bed installed hidden dirt box, easy to deal with sewage and debris
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