LT-391-700 constant current 700mA 0-10V LED Dimming controller

Product ID: LT-391-700

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2.Life long maintainance
3.0-10V dimming led driver

LT-391-700 0-10V LED Dimming Driver 0-10V

Along with the rise of LED illumination, LED lamps are widely used in hotel, business center, household decoration etc., there are more and more chances to use LED and fluorescent lights at the same project, if LED lamps and fluorescent lights can be controlled together by a traditional fluorescent dimming system, it will make everything more convenient, but the dimming principles of LED and traditional fluorescent lights are different, LED lights can not be dimmed by the fluorescent dimming controller directly.

As a fact of that, our company developed a new 0-10V to PWM dimming driver which has solved the compatible problem of fluorescent dimming system. and LED illumination, LED lamps can be controlled by many traditional intelligent dimming system.

NOTE: The CV Dimming Drive and CC Dimming Drive can be connected together o
  • CE
  • FCC
  • RoHS
  • ISO9001:2008

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