Molybdenum Electrodes Plate

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Appearance:silver gray metallic luster;the surface is smooth and straight, no defects ,crackle, stratification, hole, trough, etc (process according to user’s drawing)

Application:used for the glass fiber and refractory fiber fields.
It is made from FMo-1.

Properties, dimensions :
complete set of molybdennum electodes
Description Code Density g/cm3 size of finshed products mm

Molybdenum electrodes bars Mo-4.2 ≥9.3 14×20×(400-520)

Molybdenum electrodes plates BMo-4.2 ≥9.9 (60-160)×(160-500)×(3-7)

Molybdenum threaded rods LGM ≥9.9 Φ(6-36)×(30-60)

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