1,base belt 2, sidewall ,3,cleat

1,base belt 2, sidewall ,3,cleat

Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Product ID: LZ-1

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1)less space demand
2)no transfer point
3)low maintenance
Packing: steel pallet
Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt


1. To save time

Because of large angle transporting,thus can be shortened the horizontal length and save the space of laying area.

2. Strong transporting capacity

Compared with common conveyor belt,with large carrying cross section,has stronger transporting capacity than same width conveyor belt.

3. Without sidewall plate

Because without sidewall plate,thus avoid the local abrasion.

4. Impossible to use small roller

Impossible to use the traditional size of small roller.

5. Because the baseband uses special canvas core to improve the canvas,then improve the anti-broken ability of belt at the same time.

6. The sidewall plate and diaphragm are adhesive with baseband through heat vulcanization method,thus ensure the bonding strength.
  • ISO9001-2000

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