ADT-CNC4240 four axis cnc milling machine controller

ADT-CNC4240 four axis cnc milling machine controller

four axis cnc milling machine controller

Product ID: ADT-CNC4240

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ADT-CNC4240 is a standard four axis milling CNC system characterized by the economic costs, employs the standard G codes for programming and is widely used in the automatic equipment with length control in the products.

Perfectly combined with high performance hardware platform and professional process design, the controller is stable and trusted, the controller features powerful class-B macro function, 3 D simulation preview function, DXF file resolution function,etc.

Product feature:

1) Adopt 32-bit high performance CPU and super-large programmable FPGA, real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology, realizing the ¦Ìm-level precision motion control, and the highest speed can reach 12m/min;

2) Four axes stepper/servo control, capable of performing single-stage motion or continuous motion;

3) All Optocoupler isolation inputs and outputs, realizing a stable and trusted system;

4) 320 *240 and 5.7 inch LCD display;

5) 256M electronic hard drive, satisfying the processing of workpiece with all kinds of large programs;

6) Capable of reading USB disk, which can be simulated as electronic hard drive to read, edit, and process the is convenient to use;

7) With USB, COM communication control function, realizing the data transmission between PC and CNC controller;

8) Support additional panel, and handheld box operation;

9) The system adopts tutorial programming, executes international standard G code, and holds several functions such linear interpolation, circular interpolation, screw interpolation, cutter interpolation, backlash compensation, and electronic gear;

10) Open CNC platform, capable of custom-tailoring private system according to the specific requirements;

11) High speed and stable preprocessing;

12) With 3D figure simulation preview function;

13) With several butted-knife modes such as auto interspaced, cutter aligner, etc;

14) DXF+G code template function, switching the DXF file to G code for processing automatically;

15) Powerful class-B macro function, making it more convenient to program;

16) Macro variable name user-defined, enable you to define your own parameter name;

17) Capable of processing in any appointed line;

18) Capable of remembering coordinates in case of power down during the processing;

19) Featuring multi-grade password function;

20) With complete and intuitive system reflecting the system operation status, users can discover the problems and do troubleshooting easily.
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