Portalbe cnc Plasma Cutting Machine

Portalbe cnc Plasma Cutting Machine

ADTECH Portalbe cnc Plasma Cutting Machine


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ADTECH Portable plasma cutting machine with related plasma power are hot and popular product in the worldwide market. This portable cutting machine can cut any complex plane figures as user request; it especially suitable for the difference size and bulk produces of single figures. High speed and work efficiency, cutting scope including all of the metal plate, perfect plasma technology and cutting speed, our plasma power including 60A, 100A, 160A etc, and the CNC plasma cutting machine working area with 1500x3000mmm. Customer can select the Portable plasma cutting machine with plasma power or without.

1)Highly quality Portalbe Plasma cutting machine
2)Low Cost CNC plasma cutting machine
3) Integrated plasma cutting solution

We can customize the Beam and Lead rail depends on Users request

The equipment adopts the USA technology professional industrial PC, compact structure, reasonable design, with light weight, small size, convenient to move, suitable for indoor and outdoor characteristic, extensively applied to locomotive, automobile, shipbuilding, pressure vessel, water treatment equipment, advertising etc.

Mainly Features:

1. Vertical lead rail adopt Taiwan imported linear lead rail, high precision, stable running;

2. Baseplate adopts the high quality square tubes and steel welding, and processed to high-precision datum plane, antirust and wear-resisting, beautiful and clean;

3. Walking part adopt gapless pinion and rack drive, driver adopt stepping driving technology;

4. Beam adopts special aluminum alloy industrial materials, light weight, changeless shape;

5. 2-3xis servo/step motor control passed CE certification;

6. Supporting Multi Languages display, Supporting compile language as users request;

7. Large storage space, 256M, single program can save 20 thousands processing code;

8. Perfect cutting process, Powerful plasma anti-interface;

9. USB, keyboard & RS232 serial communication upgrade and download Process;

10. Track input adopts CAD nesting processing and manual compile G code;

11. Computer programming (programming software install to the pc with AUTOCAD, through drawing, setting cut parameters, automatic generate the program, the drawing function of programming software is similar with AUTOCAD);

12. Figure library inside, with various common graph, can automatic convert to processing program after modify the size;

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