corrugated roof panel roll forming machine

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Rolling Speed : 12-15m/min(cutting time is not include)
Steel sheet Thickness:0.3-0.8mm
Control System:PLC:(Panasonic)
Un Coiler: 5 ton manual Roller Stations:20-24stations(for 24 stations the price would be a little higher)
Roller Material : 45# forge steel, coated with chrome
Shaft Material and DIA: ¢65mm, material is 45# forge steel
Main Motor Power: 5.5kw
Hydraulic Station Power: 3kw
Hydraulic Pressure: 15Mpa
Material Of Cutting: Cr12Mov quenching 60-62℃
Material Of The Stations: Memorial archway
Tolerance:3m+1.5mm Power supplier: 220 single-phase VAC or 380 VAC to 50 Hz.
Way Of Drive:1.2 inch single chain Color Of The Machine:blue
Max Outer Dimension:14m*1.5m*1.3m
Machine Net Weight:15T
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