Servomotor Drive 8 Colors Flexographic Printing Machine

Product ID: WQYI 81300

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1.Its simple and convenient operation, accurate color, long life
2.Machine body is FCD-45 casting, running stable during high speed working
3.Motor is gear motor drive with helical gear, quite and accurate
4.Rewinding with EPC
5.Circuit control adopting interface control system
6.All of the driving wheels with dynamic equilibrium
7.It has two sets of heating and blowing devices, of which the heating device uses of central constant heating temperature control system to control separately and cold air device for forming sharp.
8.The low-roller uses of special steel processing in Germany technology, and through special process and plating thickness of 100MIC protective layer of hard chromium
9.aluminum alloy rigid guide to oxidation, dynamic balance, static balanced
10.Air shaft for winding and rewinding roller

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