LED bulb

LED bulb

4W remote control color LED bulb

Product ID: AE230

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Remote Control Color LED Bulb
Use the companys proprietary high-performance LED color control chip. It has a high-power full-spectrum LED light with IR remote control.
It provides over 2 million colors and 120 levels of brightness which can be controlled remotely. Comparing to other products, remote LED Lights can memorize the previous color, brightness, and flashing pattern settings, even after it is switched off.
They can be used for home / commercial decorations. Widely used for window advertising, exhibitions, the color used to configure the different environments.
This product has advanced LED drivers control. It has over 30% power output comparing to similar products.
It has up to 50,000 hours life with a unique thermal design.
This product can save 90% energy comparing to traditional light bulbs.
It can be used in a wide voltage range with a wide power supply design.
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