0-10% Salinity refractometer RHS-10ATC

Product ID: RHS-10ATC

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This traditional salinity refractometer is designed for testing the concentration of salt water and brine and used for quality control in research and clinical laboratories and marine industry. Its scale provides a direct reading of the specific gravity and concentration (Parts per Thousand) of salt in water. One scale checks the NaCl levels with the range of 0-100 ppt (with 1 ppt scale divisions) and the other scale gauges Specific Gravity with a range of 1.000 to 1.070 (±0.001 accuracy),both enable the direct determination of salinity in water that contains dissolved salt and little or no other dissolved solids. And it uses ambient light only and no batteries are needed.
Salinity Test Range: 0 - 10%
Refractive Index: 1.000-1.070
Min. Div.: 0.1%
Accuracy: ± 0.10%
ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation System)
Traditional version: Using screw driver for calibration
Length: 170mm

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