Vacuum evaporator

Vacuum evaporator

Vacuum evaporator

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In the field of thermal separation / concentration technology, evaporation plants are widely used for concentration of liquids in the form of solutions, suspensions, and emulsions.

The major requirement in the field of evaporation technology is to maintain the quality of the liquid during evaporation and to avoid damage to the product. This may require the liquid to be exposed to the lowest possible boiling temperature for the shortest period of time.

This and numerous other requirements and limitations have resulted in a wide variation of designs available today. In almost all evaporators the heating medium is steam, which heats a product on the other side of a heat transfer surface. The following list contains links to descriptions of the most common types of evaporators, and the ones that we most frequently design:

Falling Film Evaporators
Rising Film Evaporators
Forced Circulation Evaporators
Plate Evaporators
Compact Evaporators
Thermal and Mechanical Vapor Recompres

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