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Crane And Hoist Motor

Ideal for frequent Starts / Stops & Reversing operation in material handling lifts cranes, hoists and rolling mills
Rotor is positive locking with Shaft key joint so that can not move on high full lord torque.
Motor torque is higher than standard motor.
Motor winding design making a high torque of pick up lord smoothly.
Shafts are made by En-8 or En-9 material in sp. Case we can made shaft with en-24 material.
Insulation class F
motor provides Ip -54 or Ip-55 protection.
Supply 415 ( ±10 %) voltage and frequency 50 hz.(±5 %) combine ±10 %.
All motor are operation with D.O.L. starter. Motor are suitable for:
- Short time duty(S2)
- Intermittent periodic duty(S3)
- Intermittent duty with starting(S4)
- Intermittent duty with starting & eel. Braking(S5)

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