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Torque motors are offered for various application where the rpm of motor is required to be change with constant torque.

Torque motor used in textile industries, wire / cable winding machine, plastic industries, paper mill machine, steel rolling industries, machine tools etc.
Torque motor speed controlled either by providing three phase varies in series with stator winding.

Torque motor available only 3 phase.

Insulation class B or F with constant duty(s1).

Motor providing in 4, 6 & 8 pole. Enclosure.

T.E.F.C. or T.E.S.C.

Two Speed Motor/Dual Speed Motor

Two speed motor are offer in 2/6, 4/6. 4/8 poles

All dual speed motor are supplied with F class insulation but temperature rise restricted to B class,

All motors are suitable to 415 ± 10% 50Hz. ± 5% & combined ± 10%.

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