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Our company has been using the US-developed advanced crusher technology for years to produce the advanced cone crusher which represents the domestic advanced technology level and replace the import products. The cone crusher has the following characteristics:
Using of better crushing frequency and eccentric distance, the percentage of line graininess is much higher.

The Crusher will supply greater crushing fore for you. The length of the force arm designed for our cone crusher exceeds all other come crushers available today. The longer the force arm, the greater the moment of crushing impact. The long force arm of our crusher represented by the main shaft, provides lower eccentric bearing loads, lower bearing temperatures increased bearing life. This combination of superior crushing force and free flow of material provides higher crusher efficiency which means lower power consumption.

Largest head displacement provides greater producing capacity. Our crusher with its large throw and complimentary head angle has a displacement volume unmatched by any other cone crusher.

The special spring release system acts as an overload protection system that allows tramp iron to pass through the crushing cavity without damage to the crusher and generates more oppositing force than other come crushers. So the crushing force is even greater. More crushing force means more productivity.

The special hydraulic system connects a portable hydraulic power unit to the hydraulic cleaning jack circuit. With the power unit activated, the cylinder rams raise the adjustment ring bowl and liner assembly away from the main frame, providing increased clearance in the crushing cavity.

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