Swimming Pool Solar Product

Product ID: SPD0603

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Designed to take the sun free heat enjoy all the hot, cold or warm water you need! Using an outdoor shower, it takes less pump install charge and energy cost. The shower is suitable for home, apartments, holiday homes, piers, and the use of the beach and swimming pools. Simply clip on a standard garden hose and the water contained in the shower cylinder heats up in the sun. The solar shower comes complete with anchoring bolts and all fittings for easy installation. The shower has mixer for hot and cold water and easy installation.
1. Chrome plated mixer for hot and cold water. The black tube is made of
Environmental durability engineering plastic.
2. The shower cylinder heats up in the sun on the average.
3. Make use of the greenhouse effect the transparent PC coating will
Keep the sun heat for quite a long time. PC is a kind of durable
4. No installation is needed.

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