aquariums gauge

aquariums gauge


0.8"& 1" aquiariums gauge

0.8",1" Aquariums Gauge

Product ID: ZH10101/05-Y25-BAC,Y21-BAC

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mini gauge for aquariums co2 regulator
mini gauge range 150psi,200psi,300psi,500psi,600psi,1200psi,1500psi,
we can do brass spiral tube gauge and SS spiral tube gauge.
each gauge with high pressure water leaknig test and long time over pressure test
  • diameter of dial face:25mm
  • bottom connection
  • pressure range:1500psi
    • any pressure range(150psi-7500psi)
  • spiral tube material:brass
  • connection:1/8NPT
    • other connection can also do

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