Zip Packaging Bag

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Application areas: Clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, gifts, food (non-contact food packaging), machinery and electronics parts, commodity circulation, etc.
Features: Waterproof, high air tightness, non-toxic, tasteless, durable, choose a shading, anti-static option, easy to produce large-volume packaging products, nice craft appearance, soft texture, recyclable with high recycling value, low-cost packaging.
Bag-making process -Side-seal technology; online paste sealing glue, vent holes
Printing process - Intaglio printing surface ranging from 1 to 12 colors (alcohol-soluble ink or water-based ink)
Film thickness -Bag body:0.03mm~0.15mm
Optional dimensions -Bag width:80mm~1000mm; bag height:150mm~700m; Bottom organ: 15mm(30mm after expansion)~100mm( 200mm after expansion)
Monthly capacity - 6 million to 12 million(depending on product size and the thickness of bag body)
  • ISO9000

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