NGP-ARA300 Acid Resistant Asbestos Rubber Sheet

Product ID: NGP-ARA300

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Typical Application
> Mainly used for the equipment in acid
> Sealing gaskets for the flange of pipeline joint.

Prime Features
> Acid Resistance
> Wide range of pressure and temperature

Acid resisting asbestos rubber sheets physical property

Item NGP-ARA200 NGP-ARA300
Horizontal Strain ≥ Mpa 14 20
Weight increasing ≤ % 30 Sulphuric 40 Hydrochloric
Strain Reducing ≤ % 50 60
Aging coefficient 0.9
Softness No crack
Density g/cm3 1.6~2.0
Burning loss % 30
Compressibility 12+/-5
Elasticity ≥% 40
4100x1500x(0.5~6.0)mm, 2000x1500x(0.5~6.0)mm
1500x1360x(0.5~6.0)mm, 3810x1270x(0.5~6.0)mm
1270x1270x(0.5~6.0)mm, 1500x1500x(0.5~6.0)mm
The other size is optional or according to the requirements of customers.

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