Portable Toilet (Squat) - A Type

Product ID: Portable Toilet

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Product Description
Material:HDPE recyclable

Standard Device:Urinal,Tissue holder+Tray,Security locks
Option:Hand-washing sink,Stairway

Product Feature
1. Material is made of high density polyethylene, with corrosion-resistant, anti-tension, high strength and eco recyclability properties.
2. Add a triple weathering agents, UV resistance,Antioxidant,Anti-ageing.
3. No fading, good fatigue strength, durable and elegant appearance.
4. Specially designed base, increase ventilation, easy to clean.
5. The ventilation window design increases light transmission and maintain good ventilation.
6. The built-in exhaust pipe will reduce odors.
7. No external the water and sewage pipelines.
8. Easy to install and disassemble.
9. Large space, when using without the sense of oppression.

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