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2012 Newest Version XPROG-M V5.3 Plus with Dongle

Note: This item support microchips freescale MAC, INFINEON, RENESAS.
Youd better work this software on winodws xp english system.

XPROG-M V5.3 software display:

Difference between XPROG-M V5.3 and V5.0


Before connect the USB dongle to PC and run software, please disable the antivirus and firewall (or uninstall the antivirus software); once the software is deleted or corrupted by mistake, we could not supply back up software!

68 HC908:

XC68HC708AZ60 (8 H62A)
0 L72A
3 K56G
0 L07H
0 L59XZ, reading and writing, support network security box down from the reading and writing
Siemens IMMO new 0 L72A E security box down from reading and writing
MingRui SRS computer 1 L02M literacy and the wiring diagram
1 J35D (68 HC908AZ60) EEPROM of reading and writing

9 S12:

9 S12DT256 (4 L91N) EEPROM + FLASH, reading, writing
9 S12DT256 (4 L91N) EEPROM + FLASH encryption, reading, writing
9 S12KG128 9 S12KT256 9 S12KG256 (M
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