Technical Parameter & Configuration of Automatic Printing & Cutting Machine for Woven bags

Product ID: OG800-RCS734e

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1. Description:
Automatic printing and cutting machine for woven bags is made by us, it is with two sides printing, cutting, sewing functions. The complete machine need only operate by two workers, cuts down many labors,also reduce cost on the working procedure of the half-finished product, save energy consumption, and avoid printing pattern’s distortion for non-laminated tubular fabric, so it has obvious economic benefits.
it is recently developed a new generation of woven bag machine on the basis of CI TYPE printing machine for woven bags for many years,combined with Austria mature sewing technology. It has been authorized by China, Germany & Taiwan inventing patent
2. Specification:
1) Applicant: tubular woven fabric, laminated woven fabric, woven combining fabric.
2) Max. fabric width: 750mm
3) Max. printing width: 720mm
4) Max. bag length: 400-1200mm (Omnipotent Size)
5) Printing production speed: 65pcs/min. (Take bag length as 800mm)
6) Cutting production speed: 65pcs/min. (Take bag length as 800mm)
7) sewing production speed: 60 pcs/mi n.(2 sets sewing device, 30pcs /min. /set)
8) Printing colors: two sides 7colors (Front side: 4 colors + Back side:3 colors)
(4+3, 4+2, 4+1, 3+3, 3+2……)
9) Printing cylinder correction: 360° printing roller correcting, promptly adjusting & registering feature for online (in machine running) on vertical and horizontal direction
  • ISO9001:2008QualitySystemCertificate and CE approval

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