VL7-M yamaha Digital piano

VL7-M yamaha Digital piano

Brandnew VL7-M yamaha Digital piano with stand

Product ID: VL7-M yamaha Digital

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• Keyboard: 49 Key C-C keyboard, Velocity Sensitive, Channel Aftertouch

• Performance Controls: Pitchbend Wheel, Modulation Wheel (x2), Octave Shift up/down momentary buttons

• Controller Ports: Breath Control,

• Display: 240x64 dot LCD (B&W type), fluorescent back-light

• Memory: Internal RAM (64 voices)

• Disk Drive: 3.5" 2DD or 2HD floppy

• Synthesis: S/VA (Self-oscillating Virtual Acoustic Synthesis)

• Polyphony: Monophonic

• Modifiers: Harmonic Enhancer, Dynamic Filter, Equalizer, Impulse Expander, Resonator

• Effects: Modulation: Flanger, Pitch Change, Distortion, Feedback/Delay, Reverberation

• DSP: 32-bit

• DACs: 20-bit (x2)

• Other Ports: MIDI In/Out/Thru, Power (mains)

• Accessories: BC2 Breath Controller, FC7 Foot Controller, Power Cable, Floppy Disk

• Dimensions (mm): 914 x 380 x 105

• Weight: 11kg

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