Acrylic Display Base for Smart Phones

Acrylic Display Base for Smart Phones

Acrylic Display Base for Smart Phones

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acrylic display Base for Smartphones. Ideal for all smartphones including the popular, iPhones and Androids. Even works great with the iPod Touch.

With a variety of smartphone stands available to choose from, This Acrylic Circle Base is the answer to all your multitasking needs. Designed with elegance in mind, It is a solid 1 lb., wedge shaped, acrylic work-base with an outer silicone ring that provides a sure-grip of your smartphone. Text, make calls, and view videos without your phone sliding all over the place.

Elegant, yet sturdy, with the rich look of acrylic, It puts your smartphone on display while disguising itself as the ideal work-base. Best of all, it works with all phone cases, unlike other products on the market.

Its the best workstation for your phone.

Size: 4" Diameter x 2”H

1)Holds all iPhone and Android Models
2)Sure-grip surface prevents sliding (also works with cases)
3)Works in landscape or portrait positions
4)Comfortable 20 degree work surface
5)Acrylic wedge with sure-grip outer-ring

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