gravity type bipyramid reversal discharge mixer

gravity type bipyramid reversal discharge mixer

Concrete Mixer

Product ID: JZC500

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JZC serial concrete mixer, gravity type bipyramid reversal discharge mixer, is to mix when turning clockwise, and discharge when turning anticlockwise at work and the drum is driven through ring gear.
It can mix plastic and semi-stiff-consistency concrete, and can be applied to general projects such as construction site, road and bridge, concrete component plant.
JZC serial concrete mixer is designed and manufactured according to the standards of concrete mixer GB/T9142-2000.
It features with reasonable structure, high productivity, good mixing effect, beautiful shape, light weight and convenient moving. It’s an advanced model.
This serial includes such five main models as JZC250、JZC350A、JZC350B、JZC500、JZC750, among which JZC750 is fixed, the others are hauled by tires.

Technical Parameter:

Item JZC500

Working Capacity Delivery Capacity (L)
Through-put Capacity (L)
Productivity(㎥/h) 18--20
Rotating Speed of Drum (r/min)
Max. Aggregate Size (mm) 60--80
Accuracy of Water Supply Error≤2%

Motor Mixing Motor (kw)
Hoisting Motor (kw)
Water pump Motor (kw) 0.75
Specification of Tire 7.50—16
Max. Trailing Speed (km/h) 20
Overall Dimension (L*W*H) mm
Overall Weight (kg) 3100
  • ISO9001

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