high speed hoist winch

high speed hoist winch

Hoist Winch

Product ID: JK0.3T

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Main features
1. Transmission conducted by three-level speed change gearbox with four axle holes;
2. Novel design, reasonable structure, great extension of rope capacity, good durability;
3. Equipped with convenient antiskid coupling, or enclosed antiskid joint device;
4. High speed, stable rotation, low noise, safety, high efficiency, excellent performance.

JK serial high speed hoisting winches are commonly applied to lift construction materials, used in construction sites, among which 1.6T-2.0T are ideal equipment for derrick, dual cycle building hoist.

Technical Parameter:
Item JK0.3T
Rated force of steel rope(KN 3
Adapted power (KW) 1.5-4
Brake Model TJ2-100
Dimension of steel rope(mm) 6.2
Rope Capacity(m) 100
Averger rope speed(m/min) 24
Size 680*570*300
Weight(kg) 100
  • ISO9001

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