SC Construction Elevator

SC Construction Elevator

Construction Elevator

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SC series of Construction elevators for rack-and-pinion transmission adopt domestic and foreign advanced technology, through many years of digestion and innovation, which are new designs, rational structure, convenient handing, convenient installation and disassembly, beautiful shape, safe and reliable work.
Types of construction have SCD dual drive, counter weight, no counter weight of SC triple drive, built-in, upper-setting and frequency control etc. varieties.
1.The mast section of construction hoist adopt welding robot to weld, reliable in price and elegant in appearance;
2.All the structures adopt reaming impeller blasting technology, the adhesion of surface painting is good;
3.Cage guarding board adopts flower aluminous board and numerical controlling punching aluminous board, the weight of cage is light, elegant and beautiful in appearance.
4.Professional manufacturer provide the transmission gear, high mechanical efficiency, extended service life, steady performance;
5.Overload protection, variety of limiter and mechanical chain device are reliable and complete, optimal safety device select SAJ40-1.2, which restricts the excessive downward movement of the cage and prevents cage falling accidents;
6.Variable-frequency construction elevator are safe, steady, comfort, start electricity is smaller than the working electricity, efficient
The equipment is applicable to bridges, chimneys, mansions above 60cm etc, constructors and material handing of tall buildings, which are also used for warehouse and wharf etc, places for vertical transportation.

Technical Parameter:
Classification Model Reated load capacity(kg) Lifting speed(m/min) Motor Power(kw) Rated fixing load capacity(kg) Balanced weight capacity(kg) Dimension inside cage(L*W*H)
Single Cage Balanced Weight SCD200 2000 33 2x11 1000 1000 3.0x1.3x2.4
Unbalanced Weight SC100 1000 33 2x11 1000 0 2.5x1.3x2.4
SC200 2000 33 3x11 2000 0 3.0x1.3x2.4
Double Cage Balanced Cage SCD200 2x2000 33 (2x2)x11 2x1000 2x1000 3.0x1.3x2.4
Unbalanced Cage SC100 2x1000 33 (2x2)x11 2x1000 0 2.5x1.3x2.4
SC200 2x2000 33 (2x3)x11 2x2000 0 3.0x2.3x2.4
  • ISO9001

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