PE-RT radiant floor heating pipe

PE-RT radiant floor heating pipe

Supply Palconn PE-RT Radiant Floor Heating Pipe

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Ⅰ. Pipe Introduction:
“PALCONN” PE-RT (temperature-resistance polyethylene) pipe & tube are produced through the technology from DOWLEX*2388 of America and DX-800 of Korea SK Chemicals Co., and are marked by its super temperature-resistance performance owing to the inside special molecule structure.
Ⅱ. Application:
1). floor-heating; domestic, pool, kindergarten, rest home; city thawing system, etc
2). cold-hot water supplying system;
3). industrial water supplying system;
4). air-condition system
5). sanitation lines;
6). thermal spring and agricultural, breeding, garden virescence system
  • CE ISO9001:2000

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