Gompf Brackets, Inc.
Gompf Brackets is a specialist with more than 23 years of experience serving more than 2000 customers. This focus allows us to provide services that other vendors cannot—services designed to streamline your operations and reduce your inventory and production costs. We have established ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of brackets, CompactPCI® front panels, PMC bezels, retainers, etc. We are fully compliant with IEEE standards and meet many RoHS requirements. We also offer custom faceplates, labels, and overlays.

If you are looking for a small order or a mass production order, Gompf Brackets has the skills and expertise to meet your companies needs and requests. Our customer satisfaction is important to us. Gompf Brackets strives to identify current and future customer needs, to meet customer requirements, and to exceed customer expectations.

Company Profile

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