FRP Lighting Sheet

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KRS FRP Lighting Sheet (transparent panel), also known as fiberglass reinforced polyester light panel, made from high-performance protective film, unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber. Because of its stable quality, durable features, deeply welcomed by customers, the product can be widely applied in industrial / commercial / civil roof and wall, that is, chemical factory, steel structure workshop, warehouse, canopy, car shed, passageway, day lighting shed, greenhouse and so on.
It is well-known that chemical workshops have too much acid and alkaline compounds staying on the surface of metals when they floated in the air. It makes the metal roof and wall be serious corrosion. Therefore when choosing the roof and wall materials for this kind of workshops, anti-acid and aging resistance is key emphasized. FRP is widely applied in the area of chemical factory and melting industries due to its anti-corrosion and aging resistance property.
KRS FRP lighting sheet (transparent panel)

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