High Frequency Remote-Control Fluoroscopic Equipment

Product ID: PLX2200

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PLX2200 High Frequency Remote-Control Fluoroscopic Equipment

1. The image is clearer for using high quality combined HF HV X-ray generator, high performance image intensifier and high-resolution, high definition CCD.
2. With functions of electric up and down movements, electric lateral movement and power rotation, it makes machine move flexibly.
3. Ultimate resolution of the dynamic image 2.0LP/mm.
4. With the fluoroscope KV / MA automatic tracking feature, the image brightness and sharpness are at best state.
5. Pulse fluoroscope mode reduces patients absorbing dose and improves the image quality.
6. Two control modes-hand brake and foot brake, flexible switching, easy application.
7. Programmable LCD with touch screen graphic, simple, elegant.
8. Electric iris limited beam, which can be electric rotary, electric opening and closing, electric O-ring.
9. Microphone makes it convenient for doctors to operate it in other rooms.

This machine is suitable for human esophagus, chest and stomach, abdomen, limbs and other parts of the work of continuous fluoroscopy diagnosis.

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