PE/PPR/PERT Pipe Production Line

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PE/PPR/PERT Pipe Production Line

General descriptions
The PE/PPR/PERT Pipe Production Line is used to produce the most widely used single layer plastic pipes in materials of PE, PPR, or PERT. These pipes could be widely used in drinking water supply, gas supply, hot water supply and heating system, which can fully satisfy the Chinese and international standard requirements.

What we provide
a) Provide the whole set of standard production line, which can be configurated to produce PE pipes ranging from 20mm to 250mm, PPR pipes ranging from 20mm to 110mm, and PERT pipes ranging from 16mm to 32mm.
b) Design production line for making non-standard pipes, so as to meet customers’ local market needs for plastic pipes.
c) Provide single machines, key components, such as the extrusion dies.
d) Services including suggestions on arranging of workshop water pipeline, air pipeline and electric circuit; Production line installing, commissioning and Provide related technical documents and consulsation, as well as provide sufficient wearing parts for free.

Product, technical characteristics and properties
1.Pipe advantages: widely used in drinking water supply, gas supply, hot water supply and heating system and irrigation, with complete standard, and mature engineering application.
2.Performance advantages of the line: high efficient plastic extrusion; stable running of the whole line.
3.Layout: reasonable whole line layout which is convenient for operation.
4.Line configuration features: with high efficient extruder, haul-off, cutter, coiler and computer controlling system.

Customers benefits
1) Hi-efficient and stable production with few waste; daily pipe yield could over 10,000 meters;
2) The whole line consumptions of water, electricity and gas respectively are: 0.5 m3/day, 120KW/h, 0.3 m3/min; And 2 operators are enough for the production, which helps saving of production cost.
3) With easy maintenance, long service life and high performance price ratio.
4) Free guarantee period for one year at least, multi-language technical consultation service.

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