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Ⅰ. Pipe Introduction:
Pert pipes of production for heating floor is very large.

As one of the earliest pipeline system producers in Asia, our company is specialized in producing pe-rt pipes used in the floor radiation heating system. The PE-RT Tube is a pure Plastic pipe, which is molded by imported high temperature-resistant Polyethylene, and its raw materials are middle density Polyethylene DX800 of S.Korean SK Corporation. The plastic has unique analysis structure, it is a main chain with linear ethylene, and adds the controllable branch, thus has good heat-resistant performance .

Ⅱ. Application:
1). floor-heating; domestic, pool, kindergarten, rest home; city thawing system, etc
2). cold-hot water supplying system;
3). industrial water supplying system;
4). air-condition system
5). sanitation lines;
6). thermal spring and agricultural, breeding, garden virescence system

Ⅲ. Features:
1). Good thermal stability and long-term pressure resistance
It can be applied in the heating and hot water pipe system ( the temperature up to 95 degree ) with the service life of over 50 years.
2). Good process ability
3). Flexibility and easy installation
4). Good impact strength and reliability
5). link by welding , easy to install and repair
6). higher cost performance ratio

IV.Size:dn16-62mm(could be changed as your request)
  • ISO CE

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