FR-PPR(Fiberglass Reinforced Composite Pipe) Pipes and fittings ISO CE

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I. General introduction

The PP-R fiberglass reinforced composite pipe has the both characteristics of PP-R and FRPP pips. Palconn fiberglass reinforced composite pipe keeps the advantages of the PP-R pipe of long service life, corrosion resistant and healthy, innoxious, no curding. It solves the problem of high linear expansion coefficient(9.33*10-5), and is high - strength ,low liner expansion coefficient(5.46*10-5), low longitudinal reversion rate,saving energy, no harm to environment, low cost(compare to AL-plastic pipe),is the best pipe product for concealed or exposed installation.


1.high impact strength
2.Low liner expansion coefficient
3.Good thermal stability
4.High thermal distortion temperature
5.Good long-term static pressure resistant
6.Good solder ability, connecting type,thermal melting connection
7.Good chemical corrosion resistant
8.Long service life of 50 years


1.central air-condition pipe network system
2.Central heating pipe network system
3.Hot-cold water system for industry and civil building
4.Exposed installation system for geothermal water supply
5.Transportation system for common corrosive

IV,size:dn16-110mm(could be changed as your request)
  • ISO CE

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