polyester spiral dryer belt

polyester spiral dryer belt

Polyester Spiral Dryer Belt

Product ID: PMB-3

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According to Finland srandard with first-class monofilament,the polyester spiral dryer fabric has the characteristics of stable property and long work time.The polyester spiral dryer fabric is extensively used for producing cardboard,kraft paper,corrugated paper,paper for train fare,single two-shed press-filter,instead of papermaking machine dry blanket,canvas,as well as apply to colliery,food and medicine as conveyor belts.

Technical Index:

Weaving Type Model Thread Diameter(mm) Air permeability(m³/m²h)
Warp Weft
Large Loop 4070 0.9 1.1 20000±500
Medium Loop 3868 0.7 0.9 18500±500
Small Loop 3252 0.52 0.7 15000±500

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