ppr pipes and fittings

ppr pipes and fittings

ppr pipes

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1. The service life of PPR pipe is long. The PPR cold and hot water pipes life can over 50 years.
2. High temperature resistance
Under the stable pressure condition, the temperature is 0~80 for PPR pipe, the service life is long
3. Chemical corrosion resistance, furring resistance, increase current
4. Attended mode is so special. Hot melting connection makes the pipes and fittings into one body, stopping leaking.
5. Good economic. Light weight, easy and fast installation saving your cost.

1. Complete items of PPR pipe: Pipe, coupling, tee, elbow, cross...
2. Size (dia) of PPR pipe: 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm.
3. Pressure grade of PPR pipe: S5 PN1.25Mpa, S4 PN1.6Mpa, S3.2 PN2.0Mpa, S2.5 PN2.5Mpa.
4. Colors of PPR pipe: White, grey, green or according to customers request
5. Packing: In polyester bags with 4 meters long or according to customers requirements.
6. Material: High quality PPR raw materials from China.
  • CE
  • ISO9001:20000
  • ISO14001

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