Pors-GPTC Thermocouple Input Isolator

Product ID: Pors-GPTC

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◆ Summary
Pors-GPTC series isolators receive thermocouple signal, after isolating and transmission, export standard process current or voltage to control room, PLC, DCS or field indicator.

◆ Features
With power and over range alarm;
DIN rail mounting, plugable terminal;
Power-input-output, and each channel all are isolated;
Intelligent, digital, programmable, multiple parameters input and output;

◆ Technical index
Accuracy: ≤0.2%
Temperature coefficient: 50ppm/K of measuring value/100Ω load
Operating temperature: -10~+70℃
Insulation resistance: ≧100MΩ /500VDC (between power, input, output, channel, communication)
EMC: compliance to GB/T18268, IEC61326-1
Power supply: DC24V±10%
Power consumption: < 1W (1 in 1 out)
Outline size: 22.5*99*114.5mm

◆ Indicator
PWR: power indicator (green)
ALM: input alarm indicator (red)
not light when normal working
Flash when in

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