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1. Keep computers and other IT products or household electrical appliances running when power fails, avoiding the blackout and delay of work or causing inconvenience.

2. The performance of gel-batteries is superior to lead-acid batteries, which can be deeplycharged or discharged. The life-span of gel-batteries is three times longer than lead-acid batteries. It can work under the temperature of -20℃~40℃.

3. Gel-batteries have a complete protection mechanism. Whichever voltage, current or temperature has protective mechanism, which can avoid damages in case of improper use of the batteries.

4. A complete battery status display lets you know the real-time capacity of the batteries in charge or discharge, which enables you fully control the use of the batteries.

5. Compared with traditional generators, it produces no noise and avoids the risk of petrol Storage. Besides, both be used in a period of time, storage electric equipments cost significantly lower than traditional generato

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