ELSER Self-adaptive Motor Power Controller

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1. Extensive Applications: Can be used in any speed-adjustable or speed-unadjustable three-phase asynchronous motor from 4.5kW to 355kW which has a Pf under 0.8
2. Excellent Power Saving: converter + power tracking package power saving solution. For speed-adjustable working condition, besides converter power saving, depending on loading condition, an extra 20% power saving rate; For speed-unadjustable working condition (constant speed needed), depending on loading condition, power saving rate up to 10%-50%
3. Impact Load Resistance: 10ms reaction time to rise to required output power when an impact load needed (Standby to heavy load self-adaptive)
4. Multi-protection: Over current, over voltage, lack-phase, under-voltage, overheat, immediate outage, etc.
5. Multi-indication: Voltage, current, frequency, power, Pf, etc.
6. Soft Start/stop: Avoiding the impact caused by instant start/stop, thus extending service life and maintenance period of the equipment

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