Diode Side-Pump Laser Marking machinery

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Diode Side-Pump Laser Marking machinery
1.is high transformation efficiency between light and electricity. 2.Low consumed power

Diode Side-Pump Laser Marking machinery adopts the most advanced laser technology in the world, using Nd:YAG as medium producing laser to the tune of 808nm wavelength. The output of laser is enhanced to 1064nm with high impulse output due to reversal of particles in the medium using Q-switch. The bulk of laser is small, which is a quarter of traditional lamp pump laser bulk.

This laser marker is widely applied in metals marking and some non-metals marking, specially for hi-precise processing. Such as electronic components, mobile phones, glasses and watch, auto parts, plastic keyboard, tools, tableware, meters, gift, PVC pipes, electrical appliances, label, package etc.

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