rubber seal strip

rubber seal strip

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(1)EPDM /NBR/Silicone/PVC Rubber Seal

(2) EPDM extrusion profile/extrusion side profile

(3) EPDM foam seal/density and sponge seal

(4) auto/vehicle/car/trunk seal

(5) container door seal

(6) EPDM fabric/textile reinforced rubber hose/water hose/air hose/air-conditioning hose

(7)silicone inner tube/pipe


Black, red, grey etc.

Hardness: 40-85 shore A

Shapes: according to customer’s design, such as rubber tube, rubber cord, door and window seals, weather seal strip, U channel, silicone seal strip, NBR rubber seal etc.


Excellent chemical and physical property, high/low temperature-resistant, wearing resistant, oil-resistant, dust resistant etc.


Rubber seal could stop air, water and dust enter the machine system, which could protect the machine or parts to be healthy and working well.


Railcars, automobile, steamboat, industrial electrical equipment, building doo
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