PVC Light Foam

PVC Light Foam

PVC Light Foam Sheets

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1. Lightweight core materials for sandwich construction
2. Easy cutting / handling / installation
3. Self fire extinguishing and non combustion-supporting
4. Nil formaldehyde, heavy metals & TVOC
5. Excellent insulation
6. Water / vapor proof
7. Non-toxic
8. Corrosion resistant
9. RoHS safety standard
10. Anti insects and anti-termites
11. Certification of ISO 9001: 2008.
12. USA UL94 V 0 Flammability standard
13. CNS7614 class I fire code requirement

Standard Size:
Width: 1220mm
Length: 1220 / 2440mm
Thickness: 2mm to 50mm
Density: 80 to 250 kg/m3

1. Building partition or decoration
2. Boats or yachts building materials
3. Sign board, computer printing or window shopping decoration.
4. Modem interior-exterior architecture design.
5. Bathrooms, washrooms, rest rooms and interior design.
6. Waterproof, moisture proof and weather du

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