Flexible PVC Cable Conduit

Product ID: SF116-2

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Product Introduction:

1).Material: New PVC Material

2).Standard: IEC 61084-2-1

3).Apperance: Regular round, smooth, light, no impurity, beautiful Decent packaging

4).Color: Color pure, no have discoloration and aging

5).Smell: no scent,environmental.

6).Use: For internal wiring,protecting the wire under 1200v.

7).Effect: After using,wiring easily and trimly,installing reliably,and is convenient for maintaining and searching and exchanging.

8).Lifetime: ShingFong brand of PVC pipes and PVC trunking are Anti-aging,normal use life can be up to 50 years.

9).Thickness: With appropriate temperature and accurate molds machinery technology, the thickness,size,shape can be precisely controlled.

10). Toughness: If you bend ,can not be easier to break

11). Hardness: Under pressure ability, high impact resistance

12).Fire-resistance: Flame-retardant PVC resin,highly combustion-retardant,quickly self-extinguishing.
  • 9001

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