Honda Accord Car in dash navigation system

Product ID: XY8885

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*SiRF Atlas-Ⅳ, dual-core, ARM11 CPU, 533MHz+264MHz DSP; OS: WinCE 6.0
*Built-in GPS (533 MHz) , Bluetooth, AV-in
*Support RDS, Bluetooth, AV-in,AV OUT(optional)
*Built-in 4.1 channel
*USB, TF (Micro SD) card slot
*iPod ready (optional)
*Combo:ISDB-T +Analog TV or Analog TV+ DVB-T ( optional)
*Internal/ External memory up to 32GB, External HDD up to 1000GB
*Play multi format music & movie
  • CE
  • ROHS
  • FCC

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