USB Endoscope Camera

USB Endoscope Camera

0.3 Mega Pixels USB Endoscope Camera

Product ID: USB6602

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Item NO: USB6602
Part Name: 0.3 Mega Pixels USB Endoscope Camera
Sensor: 1/7 VGA Color CMOS
Pixels: 640*480
Lens: F2.8
Visual Angle: 60°
Focal Distance: 30mm-100mm
Frequency: 30fps@VGA
Diameter of probe: 9.0mm
Diameter of Snake Tube: 7.6mm
Standard Length of Snake Tube: 650mm(Optional)
Standard Length of USB Cable Line: 1500mm
Waterproof Standard for Camera Module: IPX67
Camera Power Supply: 5V, 150mA
LED Power Supply: 5V, 30mA(brightness adjustable)
Light Source: 4 LED lights
Interface: USB2.0
Working Platforms: Windows XP,Win2000, Win 7,Win8,Vista,Linux,Mac OS
Optional Lens Size: 8mm, 9mm, 11.5mm
Packaging: Graphic Carton
Weight: 0.5Kg
Dimention of Single Packaging: (L×W×H)310*280*50mm
Dimenstion of Outer Packaging: (L×W×H)580×475×325mm
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