rubber mixer

rubber mixer

rubber mixer/ China rubber mixer/Chinese rubber mixer

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Rubber mixing mill/open mixing mill/rubber mixer made by Qingdao Shun Cheong Machinery Co., Ltd:
1. The mixing mill is made of LTG-H alloy chilled cast iron.
2. The open mixing mill speed reducing machine adopts hard tooth, its running noise is low and owns long life. This mixing mill adopts a special design of refining seal structure so that it can eliminate the leakage of lubricating oil.
3. Our Company specially designed the human-orientated machine, such as block rubber board and turbine tapping rubber device of open mixing mill can be used steam style; Open mixing mill operating system design in nearby working areas etc.
4. This mixing mill can be equipped with hydraulic or mechanical device which can automatically make the rubber material be mixed over and over again, so the labor intensity and mixing time can be reduced greatly.
5. The roll nip of the mixing mill can be adjusted by using manual or electrical mode
6. To ensure the safety of staff and equipment, we install convenient button for emergency.
7. All the mixing mills we provide to you are checked through 8 hours non-stop full load operation, customers can use them immediately after installation.
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